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The soul of a collective translated into frames.

SOUL FRAMES is a collective of visual storytellers driven by the vision and commitment of pursuing stories beyond social trends and the contemporary media agenda. Recognising that the concept of storytelling goes beyond the gender of photography, SOUL FRAMES engages in all forms of communication though writing, photography, video, illustration and animation, in the shape of long-term documentary projects, short essays or single frame stories. 

Between the founding members, SOUL FRAMES combines over 10 years of experience of independent storytelling for commercial and non-profit sectors and through the creation of its own personal projects. 

SOUL FRAMES tells stories. No matter the medium. No matter the tool. 



André Paxiuta

André Paxiuta was born in Lisbon in 1983. Having a PhD degree in Geography coupled with a brief passage in the Ar.Co art school of Lisbon, his work is driven by the human condition and by its interdependencies with the natural world and its mutations over time and space. His photographic work has been published in national and international press and recognised with international awards by Black & White magazine, International Street Photographer and Social Documentary Network.

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Carlos Simes

Lisbon, 1981. With an early passage in photography at Ar.Co (art and visual communication centre, Lisbon), later graduated with a MA Geography degree on migration fluxes. Along with people movements, he developed interest in issues on contemporary nationalisms, identity and ethnicity. From 2005 onwards spent big spans of time out of the country while living abroad in Scotland, Catalonia and long-term travelling, until currently returned to Portugal. To translate environmental, emotional, cultural and socioeconomic landscapes is his motivation behind the photographic process.

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Emanuele Siracusa

Emanuele Siracusa is an Italy-born, Portugal based freelance photographer specialising in travel, cultures and lifestyle photography. He has a background in Sociology and Cultural Anthropology and, out of his own personal interest, he also works on projects about social and humanitarian issues along with several NGOs and not-for-profit organisations.

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André Novais

Born in Lisboa and (for the moment) based in Amsterdam. His vision is about documenting Human condition, to be allowed in someone’s life and be able to photograph and share personal moments. André lives the same way he photographs… Light, form, geometry are the base and the perspective is Human.